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Seiju High is among the top ranking schools in the world. Rich families send their children here, you have to be very wealthy to get in; otherwise, a series of complicated test must be taken. Aside from being the best, the school has the best technology. No books here, everything is done on laptop computers. The doors are automatic sliding doors, you need your I.D. card and eye scan to get into your lockers, your I.D. is also used for many things. You must scan it to borrow equipment, buy lunch or supplies, mainly anything. The Inu Tachi has gotten in mainly from money although few took a test here and there.

But on to the main focus of this AU story.

Every school has their forte; some have their pride in their winning football team, or the best swim team, etc. The rising team at this school however, is a bit different from canon sports.

The Seiju High Battle Team

The team manager is Enju.

The battles however, stay on school grounds. Since it is a relatively new/different idea, Seiju does not participate in district competitions [and because it would get way too complicated]. The season is fairly short, thus may even be referred to as simply a tournament in which students sign up and are tried for ability. Enju judges the tryouts, sometimes with a select few she invites them to judge from a previous team. [try out info will be posted later in the RP] Even after the tournament there are challenges made by students [usually angry ones who use it as a way to legally fight in school] both student signatures are needed in order for challenges to not be used as a bullying tactic.

Challenges take place in a dome on the school grounds that is protected by various security fields, etc[Think of a modern day super football field].There is a separate practice dome as well that has to be reserved. To reserve a day in the dome, see Enju.

Character List
Sesshomaru – the rich powerful demon lord who cannot decide between Kagura and Kikyou. He's only going to the school because it is called the best, otherwise he can't stand being around so many humans. He's very reserved and tends to keep to himself. Although he dislikes humans, the miko Kikyou draws him somehow. Kagura, a demon, makes more sense to him because they are both demon. His interest in Kagome is just to spite his brother.
Inuyasha – Sesshoumaru’s half brother who can’t decide between Kikyou and Kagome. His parents are long dead, he resides with his half-brother. He's often chased by young girls, despite his demon half. He's generally the bad boy of the school. He has been brought closer to his childhood friend Sango since they are battle partners on the battle team, but he is unsure if he has any romantic feelings for her.
Kouga – The wolf demon who's hung up between Kagome and Ayame. He’s only met Ayame once when they were children their parents arranged their marriage, but they are very similar. They are attending the same school in an effort to be closer and spend time with each other.
Miroku – The new guy on campus. Miroku just moved into the area, but lecherous as ever, he looks forward to the new playing field [if you know what I mean :P]He is particularly drawn to Sango[possibly because she battles in tight clothing] and so makes an effort to get onto the team and become closer to her. Since this will be much work for one girl, however, he busies himself with any other willing beauties along the way to his goal.
Naraku/Onigumo – a wealthy, cunning half-breed. No one knows his true appearance, only his name and whatever he's done to them. He is constantly scheming against them. He stays in his dorm [no one knows where it actually is since its hidden] and with a video connection, sees all his classes from depths of his lair. He can’t decide between Kikyou and Kagome and he also seems to have some sort of obsession with Enju.
Kagura – Naraku’s sister who plans to marry Sesshomaru for the money and social status. She tries to foil Naraku’s schemes so she can end up on Sess' good side, though he usually ignores her.
Kanna - Naraku and Kagura's little sister who is intensely loyal to them both. She has no interest in anything beyond their wishes.
Ayame – a friendly wolf demon betroth to Kouga. She is new to the campus and has only ever dreamed of marrying Kouga. Deep inside her, she now harbors growing feelings for InuYasha.
Kagome – a bubbly human girl who is in love with InuYasha and trying to win him over her older sister. However, if she can’t have InuYasha, Kouga is definitely her second choice.
Sango/Kirara – Kagome’s best friend. She’s very athletic with a killer body she keeps hidden so people will acknowledge her mind. She’s in love with Miroku but refuses to give into his advances without a fight. She is waiting for him to get serious until then she simply amuses herself by toying with him.
Kikyou - Kagome’s older sister who’s every man’s fantasy and knows it. She loves InuYasha but is afraid to trust him. She is convinced he cheated on her a long time ago while they dated in the past. Now that he chose Sango as his battle partner she is convinced that there is more to their relationship, thus she tried to break them up by encouraging Miroku to beat Inuyasha out of his position with Sango. She keeps trying to replace him in her heart by stringing along Sesshoumaru and Naraku because they are rich and willing.
Rin – the little girl Sesshoumaru adopted who has a crush on Kohaku but fears Sesshoumaru’s over protectiveness might bring Kohaku harm. She is often the most logical person around and somehow seems to know everything that’s going on with everyone.
Jaken – Sesshoumaru’s faithful servant who is often stuck with the crappy jobs.
Bankotsu – Sesshoumaru’s best friend who is every woman’s dream and knows it. A true player! He can’t decide between Sango and Kagura because they are the hardest to win over. Sango, human like him; he often tries to corner her in a hallway or when she's going to her room. Kagura, a demon; he finds her interesting and keeps a close eye on her. He's convinced that his heart is on these two but he never passes up a willing beauty while on his quest.
Kohaku – Sango’s little brother who has yet to muster the courage to tell Rin he likes her. He rarely saw his older sister because he was in constant training to become a taiji-ya until a freak accident (Naraku of course) got everyone but himself killed at the training school. He returned to live with his sister who’d already finished her training.
Shippou – a young fox demon who lives with Kagome since he was orphaned. He is quite mature for his age and follows Kagome around. He enjoys messing with InuYasha and treats him like an older brother.